Bath and shower products

Fragrant bath salts with natural essential oils of lemon, Java citronella, and petitgrain. Dissolved in bathwater or a foot soak, they release an enveloping fragrance and provide a pleasant sensation of well-being that promotes relaxation and comfort.
Chamomile SHAMPOO
Cleaning shampoo suitable for all types of hair, even the most fragile and delicate one. It contains soothing and softening extracts of chamomile, green tea, centella, essential oils of German and Roman chamomile, sea salt and panthenol. It leaves your hair soft while promoting a pleasant feeling of calm and relaxation.
Reinvigorating and energizing cleanser based on ginseng extract and other tonic plant extracts, including green tea, green coffee, cola, cinchona and eleutherococcus, enriched with vitamins C, panthenol (B5), caffeine and minerals in microfiltered pure dew water. Scented with natural essential oils with a stimulating action and natural menthol, it gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and vitality.
Lecithin SHAMPOO
Restructuring shampoo suitable for dry and brittle hair, rich in active and repair ingredients such as lecithin, vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, E), flaxseed oil, amino acids and safflower extracts. It strengthens the hair structure giving it volume and elasticity. Scented with toning, natural essential oils of lemon, sage and ginger, it stimulates hair growth and vitality.
Strengthening shampoo suitable in particular for brittle hair, which takes advantage of the invigorating, tonic and anti-seborrheic properties of nettle extract, combined with the stimulating ones of sage, to give your hair new vigour and shine. Enriched with minerals and vitamins (B5 or panthenol, B6, C, E, biotin and folic acid), made with pure microfiltered dew water and perfumed only with natural essential oil of patchouli, it nourishes your hair by restoring the correct pH balance of your scalp and giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Cleansing bubble bath combining the stimulating properties of marine algae with the tonic and activating properties of natural essential oils; enriched with vitamin B6 and minerals in pure microfiltered dew-water. To be used on body and hair, for the pleasure of a relaxing and regenerating bath or shower.