Face and body creams and lotions

Protective hand cream based on shea butter with moisturising action, emollient oils of sweet almond, sesame, avocado and flax. It also contains soothing extracts of marshmallow, mallow, pot marigold and aloe. Made with pure microfiltered dew water, scented with stimulating essential oils and enriched with allantoin and vitamins (A, C, E and panthenol), it keeps your hands soft by moisturizing them without making the skin greasy but supple and silky. Suitable for preventing skin rashes, dryness and cracking caused by atmospheric agents, cold weather and detergents.
Shea butter, obtained from the plant nuts, has beneficial rejuvenating, firming, antioxidant, soothing and nourishing properties for the skin and hair. With natural Vitamin E (1%) It moisturises the skin of your face and body while helping fight off skin blemishes (dry skin, wrinkles, small scars and stretch marks). Shea butter is absorbed quickly and gives the skin a pleasant feeling of smoothness and softness.
Dermo-purifying, sulfur-based cleansing milk with astringent and purifying plant extracts of pot marigold, burdock and pansy. It contains natural emollient oils of hemp, flax and evening primrose, natural essential oils, vitamins and pure microfiltered dew water. Designed for cleaning oily and impure skin with dilated pores, balckheads or prone to acne; it is also suitable for sensitive or red skin. It respects the natural pH of the skin and cleanses gently by removing impurities.
Slimming and skin smoothing body cream, with invigorating and stimulating herbal ingredients, such as whole extracts of ivy, centella or Asian coinleaf and butcher's broom, concentrated bud extracts of birch sap and horse chestnut with a draining action and emollient vegetable oils. With aescin, vitamins and pure distilled dew water, it promotes a slimming effect useful for counteracting cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.
Active body cream, with a refreshing and decongestant effect, containing plant extracts and natural essential oils with a tonic action, useful in reactivating skin microcirculation. Ideal for facilitating the absorption of small haematomas, superficial capillaries or imperfections caused by minor injuries (bruises, insect bites ...). Useful for giving relief to tired legs and counteracting the sense of heaviness.
Firming and toning cream for breast, belly and buttocks. Rich in active and restorative ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins (A, B5, C and E); shea butter and emollient oil of almonds, sesame, avocado and flax; stimulating and toning extracts of soy, marshmallow, clover, hops and ivy. Applied regularly, it provides firmness to sagging skin, giving it a more toned and firm appearance.
Regenerating face cream with fresh royal jelly, a nourishment rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that helps revitalize and stimulate the skin's cellular metabolism. With precious emollient oils (sweet almonds, evening primrose, borage, flax, rosa mosqueta and Argan) and made with pure microfiltered dew water; enriched with honey and marshmallow plant extract with moisturizing action, antioxidant ingredients (coenzyme Q10, vitamins E, C) and other nutrients (amino acids, panthenol and vitamin A). Based on toning essential oils, it is useful for getting smooth and vital skin, counteracting cellular ageing processes.