Whole extracts

Extracts of medicinal plants with unique effectiveness, thanks to the extraction process used, which preserves all the active and nutritional constituents of the plants (phytocomplex).

The Giorgini Dr. Martino whole extracts are an exclusive product of the Vis Medicatrix Naturae company.  In addition to being used in composite products, they constitute a Line (alcohol-free Whole Liquid Extracts - W.L.E. - and Whole Dry Extracts - W.D.E. ) of about 100 individual plants; each product in the Line is alcohol-free and highly concentrated.

Physical health
ASHWAGANDHA Whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Withania or ashwagandha performs a tonic-adaptogenic activity, counteracts physical and mental fatigue, promotes relaxation and mental well-being and supports the body's natural defences.
Detox and seasonal changes
ALOE Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Aloe is useful for promoting thebody's detoxifying functions, has a soothing and calming effect on the digestive system, and supports throat well-being.
Cholesterol and triglycerides
ARTICHOKE Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Artichoke promotes liver function, improves digestion and gas relief, contributes to the normal body cleansing functions and supports lipid metabolism. Furthermore, it exerts health-beneficial antioxidant effects.
Joint health
ASH Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Major ash promotes joint function, supports the natural sweating process, helps drain body fluids and the urinary tract function.
Cellulite, Mental health
CENTELLA Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Centella or Asian coinleaf helps combat the unsightly skin effects of cellulite, promotes microcirculation while relieving the feeling of heavy legs and improves memory and cognitive function.
Urinary tract health
ASPARAGUS Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Asparagus is useful in promoting the body's cleansing functions and in facilitating the drainage of body fluids and the urinary tract function.
Elderly health, Immune system
ASTRAGALUS Whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Astragalus has a beneficial tonic-adaptogenic action and helps keep your body's natural defences.
Circulation health, Liver and biliary tract health
BARBERRY Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Barberry promotes digestive and liver functions, improves digestion and helps maintain regular bowel movements.
Urinary tract health
BEARBERRY Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Bearberry promotes drainage of body fluids and helps maintain the urinary system healthy.
Women s health
BLACK COHOSH whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Black cohosh helps deal with menstruation and menopause symptoms. It can also support healthy digestive function.
Respiratory system health
Alcohol-free liquid
Black horehound promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions, supports digestive function, and contributes to relaxation and mental well-being.
Sugar metabolism
BLACKBERRY Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Blueberry leaves promote body fluid drainage and support the urinary tract function. In addition, its fruits promote eye health and function, exert a beneficial, antioxidant action and counteract heaviness in the legs while helping with microcirculation.
Digestion, Liver and biliary tract health
BOLDO Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Boldo promotes liver function and digestion, improves drainage of body fluids, supports the urinary tract function and helps maintain regular bowel movements.
Gut health
Alcohol-free liquid
Alder buckthorn supports regular bowel movements and maintains healthy digestion.
Thyroid health
BUNGLEWEED Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Bugleweed promotes relaxation and mental well-being and revs up metabolism.
Gut health, Respiratory system health
MARSHMALLOW whole xtract
Alcohol-free liquid
Althea or Marshmallow has an emollient and soothing effect on the digestive system and the urinary tract, supports regularity of bowel movements, maintains normal function of the mucous membranes lining the respiratory system and helps maintain the health of nose and throat.
Urinary tract health
CRANBERRY Whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
American cranberry, which promotes the drainage of body fluids, supports the urinary tract function, has a beneficial antioxidant action and contributes to a regular bowel transit.
Nose and throat
BAPTISIA Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Baptisia improves the body's natural barriers and promotes healthy nose and throat.