The product lines of Giorgini Dr. Martino

Giorgini Dr. Martino product lines consist of a range of hand-crafted and concentrated natural supplements.

Supplements with rich and concentrated formulas, made for different areas of action, with whole plant extracts as well as vitamins, minerals, and other synergistic nutrients.
Ligne Or
Whole extracts, containing all the active and nutritional ingredients of the plant, produced in-house with a low-temperature vacuum processing method.
Extraits Intégraux
Highly concentrated plant bud extracts with a final extraction ratio of 1:10, prepared using only fresh meristematic tissues harvested and processed on the same day.
Gemmo 10+
Two products in one: a blend of plant bud extracts, enriched with a synergistic whole extract; with a final extraction ratio of 1:5.
100% natural essential oils made by steam distillation of aromatic plants or, in the case of citrus, by cold pressing the fruit peels.

Food supplements

Natural flavors for foodstuffs

Huiles Essentielles Naturelles
The Giorgini Dr. Martino Quintessences are “ready-to-use” essential oil sprays; 100% natural, without the addition of artificial fragrances or other chemical additives.
Supplements based on high-titration dry extracts of single plants
Extraits titrés de plantes
Non-alcoholic trace element supplements with a pleasant taste, enriched with bud extracts and nutrients to enhance their beneficial effects.
A line of food supplements that support low-calorie diets.
Slimming line (Ligne Amincissante)
A line of 4 specific hair supplements.
Face, body, and hair cosmetics formulated with only high-quality ingredients, without parabens, synthetic or artificial colors, and fragrances. Products made with purified dew water.

Face and body creams and lotions



Face and body oils

Bath and shower products

Deodorants and sanitizers

Sunscreens - after sun products

Physiological functions

V.I.S. body and environment

Cosmetic essential oils

Liqueurs made with Alcoolvis®, alcohol purified with a special process devised by Dr. Martino Giorgini, which allows the removal of impurities naturally present in alcohol.
Incense sticks made from natural Indian ingredients, available in 18 different fragrances.