Whole extracts and titrated extracts

Blood pressure, Elderly health, Eye health
COLEUS FORSKOHLII Titrated extract
Coleus forskohlii helps you maintain a healthy body weight therefore it is often used as an adjuvant to low-calorie diets for body weight loss. In addition, coleus supports digestion, promotes respiratory tract function and can help control blood pressure and the cardiovascular system function.
Blood pressure
OLIVE TREE Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Common olive contributes to normal blood flow, helps promote healthy blood pressure levels, boosts the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids and has a beneficial antioxidant action.
Blood pressure, Gut health
GARLIC Titrated extract
Garlic supports your natural cardiovascular function while maintaining healthy blood pressure levels. It also exerts an antioxidant action and promotes the metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol.