Whole herb extracts

Elderly health, Immune system
ASTRAGALUS Whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Astragalus has a beneficial tonic-adaptogenic action and helps keep your body's natural defences.
Elderly health, Joint health
DEVIL'S CLAW Whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Devil's claw is useful for promoting joint function and improving digestion.
Circulation health, Elderly health, Mental health
Alcohol-free liquid
Ginkgo biloba promotes memory and cognitive functions, carries out a beneficial antioxidant action and enhances normal blood circulation and microcirculatory function.
Elderly health, Physical health
GINSENG Whole Extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Ginseng has a tonic-adaptogenic action useful for counteracting physical and mental fatigue, promotes carbohydrate metabolism and has a beneficial, antioxidant effect.
Elderly health, Mental health
GOLDEN ROOT whole extract
Alcohol-free liquid
Golden root promotes normal mood tone and carries out a tonic-adaptogenic action, which can help counteract physical and mental fatigue.
Elderly health, Mental health, Physical health
Alcohol-free liquid
L’eleuterococco svolge un’azione tonico-adattogena utile per contrastare la stanchezza fisica e mentale. Inoltre, favorisce la memoria e le funzioni cognitive e promuove le naturali difese dell’organismo.