Antioxidants, Eye health, Skin and connective tissue health
BETA-CAROTEN Titrated extract
Supplement based on Dunaliella algae extract, source of beta-carotene. Dunaliella, as such, promotes skin trophism and function and carries out a restorative and tonic action. Indeed, beta-carotene provides vitamin A, which contributes to normal iron metabolism, promotes normal function of the immune system, supports the correct maintenance of mucous membranes, skin and vision and, finally, takes part in the cell specialization process.
Skin and connective tissue health
Food supplement based on carrot, minerals and vitamins. Carrot, marigold, zinc and vitamins A and B12 promote the maintenance of normal vision. Zinc, copper and vitamins B2 and C, along with manganese, selenium and vitamin E, also counteract oxidative stress; these nutrients, combined with vitamins A, B3 and biotin, can be a valuable support for the well-being of your skin.
Immune system, Skin and connective tissue health
COPPER Olimentovis
Alcohol-free liquid
Copper protects cells from oxidative stress and supports normal nervous system function and the immune system. It promotes energy metabolism as well as body iron uptake and transport to the body cells. Furthermore, it helps maintain healthy connective tissue as well as skin and hair pigmentation.
Skin and connective tissue health
Grape seeds, acerola, dog-rose, marigold, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and vitamins B2, C and E can prevent the oxidative stress caused by UV rays. Zinc, iodine and vitamins A, B2, B3, C and biotin support skin wellness. In addition, copper can maintain normal skin pigmentation.