What distinguishes Giorgini Dr. Martino products from others.

Plants contain many substances such as essential oils, resins, gums, mucilage, enzymes, tannins, saponins, organic acids, flavonoids, carotenoids, active composites of various kinds, and so on.

Together, these substances constitute the "phytocomplex" of the plant..

The effectiveness of plant extracts depends precisely on the presence of the entire phytocomplex contained in them!

For this reason, the quality of an extract cannot be evaluated solely based on the titration of a single active ingredient.

The plant extraction method is performed without the addition of synthetic active ingredients.

To obtain an extract that contains all the plant substances, i.e., the entire phytocomplex, Dr. Martino Giorgini has applied a vacuum extraction method.

Vacuum extraction is performed without air to prevent oxidation. Additionally, the vacuum reduces the boiling temperature of alcohol and water (the processing temperature never exceeds room temperature!) to preserve the integrity of heat-sensitive substances.

What Tablets Look Like

The possible presence of resins that tend to stick to the bottle and/or oils on the surface and/or sediments at the bottom of liquid extracts guarantees the excellence and genuineness of the product, as these are essentially the various components of the phytocomplex.
Therefore, it is recommended to always shake the bottle before taking the dose.

As for the appearance of the tablets, it is natural that they are not always the same color. Just like orange juices, for example, are never the same color. Only synthetic "extracts" are always the same.

Sometimes the tablets are speckled with granules of different colors, which are simply the various granulated ingredients.


Regarding the dosage, in addition to the entire phytocomplex of one or more plants, products often also contain other nutrients that Dr. Giorgini calls "auxiliary”. These are nutrients necessary for the enzymes of certain metabolic pathways to ensure their activity and therefore the beneficial effect of the main plants. For this reason, many products have complex formulas composed of whole herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and other nutrients that may be deficient in the body and that make the daily amounts "more abundant.”

Consequently, the doses of Giorgini Dr. Martino products are higher than those of other supplements. Sometimes, 4-6 or even 8 tablets are recommended at a time, but this is essential to ensure the complete effectiveness of the extract.